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Welcome to Do it in Deni - the place to do it all in Deniliquin NSW.

Nestled along the banks of the Edward River, Deniliquin is the ideal destination for your next holiday or visit. Whether you enjoy water sports, bush walking, bird watching or just relaxing your needs are catered for. We are also the home of the famous Deniliquin Ute Muster and Deni Blues & Roots Festival, with the Murray Valley Regional Park and sandy beaches located close to town.

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images Deniliquin - known as "DENI" to the locals images


    725km South West of Sydney
    285km North West of Melbourne
    Population of around 8,000 people
    Prominet rice, wool and timber industries.


Aboriginal inhabitants - Barapa Baraba

    Benjamin Boyd named Deniliquin after "Dnilakoon"
    Deniliquin Post Office opened 1 January 1850
    Peppin established Merino sheep stud in 1861.

Notable residents

Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser
    NSW Premier Patrick Jennings
    Cricket wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist
    Sydney Swans player Leo Barry.